Enrollment Checklist

Preschool Enrollment Checklist

If you are interested in applying for preschool at Spring Street Community Care & Recreation Inc. please complete the Application for Admissions form and mail it to 963 Spring Street Rd. Union Springs, NY 13160. You will be contacted by the Education Director upon the recite of your application to verify enrollment status. To complete registration, additional forms will be mailed to your home. These forms are listed below.

Enrollment Checklist

1.Application for Admissions with $40 non-refundable fee to hold a spot at Spring Street Community Care & Rec. (This $40 will go toward your child’s first week tuition.)

2.Medical Form: Must be complete with a doctor’s signature, noting any allergies or medical restrictions and listing all immunizations and lead and TB test results

3.General Permission, Emergency Medical & Fee Agreement Form: Parents give permission for staff to authorize emergency medical treatment if necessary, to document growth and development of children and to take pictures of children to share only with parents and child care staff. Please see tuition policies and procedures for fee agreement details.

4.Day Care Registration Card: A state mandated registration card with basic information regarding parent and child address, child’s date of birth and home and work phone numbers

5.Child Release Form: This form lists those individuals who are allowed to enter the building and pick up the child or children enrolled

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